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Denis was born in Quebec City (Canada) and raised in many places across Canada and eight years in Germany (his father severed in the medical field with the Canadian Armed Forces). While living overeas he developed his love for travel and exploring other cultures.
Denis first coached adults in martial arts at the age 12 and descovered that he had a knack for sharing techniques and concepts in an engaging way. His first micro business was at age 14 buying and selling stuff at local flea markets. He throughly enjoyed dealling with the public and learning about fundamentals of business. He realised at an early age that some of his absolute favourite things envolve helping and coaching people, travelling and moving businesses forward. In hindsight it’s not sursprising that after 30+ years of keynote speaking, training, consulting and writing he still love’s serving his clients around the world.


One of his favourite interests is having indepht conversations with interesting people over a great coffee or glass of red wine. He enjoys outdoor work in woods around his home, reading, martial arts, walking, visiting new countries, dimistefying financial literacy and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

He is married to Debbie is high school sweetheart (36 years and counting), Denis is also blessed with two wonderful adult daughters, Sam and Stevie and is the proud “Fahje” grandfather of Troy and Nathan.

He resides on the majestic Madawaska River near Burnstown, Ontario Canada.

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Dr. Cauvier is a full time keynote presenter, trainer, and consultant and the best-selling author of 14 books. For more than 30 years he has provided his inspirational messages and low cost/high impact solutions that deal with some of the toughest talent management and leadership challenges facing organizations.


During the last three decades Dr. Cauvier has spoken to over one million people in more than 50 countries from small groups to audiences over 27,000 around the world and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry. Denis is acknowledged internationally as a Global Talenent Management Expert.


Although Denis loves providing practical, highly engaging keynote presentations that receive rave reveiews from audiences, he also enjoys customizing “in-house” training sessions delivered to smaller groups over a longer period of time. This process enables both the client and Denis to measure specific results .


Given Denis’s busy international speaking and training calender plus is ongoing research and book writing he has limited his coaching & consulting to a maximum of 6 clients per year. He truly enjoys the intentise one-on-one highly client focuses sessions with senior executives and entrepreuneurs. He is proud of transformative.

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