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Question from Chris Bojda: Denis how can managers excel at recruiting, identifying top talent, and developing and motivating this talent in today’s workplace?

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Hi Chris I agree that managers today must excel at recruiting, identifying top talent, and developing and motivating this talent.  My over two decades of research on this very issue leads me to the inescapable conclusion that before we can effectively recruit new people we need to focus on ‘Becoming an employer of choice’, within HR circles this term has virtually become cliché … it’s easier said than done… Countless organizations call themselves an employer of choice, they have lofty vision and mission statements expanding on how their staff is their most valuable asset, yet they continue to suffer with costly high employee turnover, low levels of staff engagement and costly recruitment campaigns with poor results.

Organizations routinely spend a tremendous amount of money advertising a message to attempt to create a brand.  Unfortunately, all of this money spent goes down the drain if someone’s experience is less than what the “brand message” promised.  In reality, a company’s brand is what other’s (employees and outsiders) say it is, not what their paid advertising claims it to be.  Your brand is really the culmination of all the conversations in your universe that are being held pertaining to your organization. The single biggest factor that drives these conversations is what I refer to as the “10 Key Employee Experiences”.  I explain in detail how these employee experiences greatly impact both staff retention and future recruiting in my new book Hired 2.0 – Recruiting Exceptional Talent at the Speed of Light.

In this book I refer to the fact that staff has the greatest influence on a company’s ability to recruit exceptional talent. That investing on your current staff is the most important place to start. Happy, productive and highly engaged employees will want to make referrals when provided with the opportunity to do so. How a company’s employees feel about their job, their co-workers, their customers and their employer greatly affects the level of SERVICE they provide to the rest of your universe. The type of experience each person has directly affects the conversations they will have with others.  These conversations can be at the water cooler, the local coffee shop, or much more commonly today in cyberspace via social networks.  Ultimately it’s these conversations that determine your brand.

Email comment from Kris Bojda

Monday, March 1st, 2010

The unemployment rate continues to fall and the baby boomers are not getting any younger. The 2010 adjusted projected labour shortage in Alberta predicts a shortage of approximately 77,000 workers in Alberta between 2009 and 2019. This number is after we engage all the underrepresented groups. It will not be long before we are back to 2.5% unemployment and we all know the problems that created. Now is a great time to find workers as the economy begins to heat up again. Employers looking ahead will reap the benefits of building a winning team by tapping into the many skilled workers, who were the victims of the downturn,