Cavett Roberts, Founder National Speakers Association

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Cameron Herold, Author of Double Double & Meetings Suck

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Og Mandino, Best Selling Author of “The World’s Greatest Salesman

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Roger Dawson, Best Selling Author of “Secrets of Power Negotiating

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James E. Jones, Founder Meeting Planners International

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Nido R. Qubein, Industrialist, Speaker, Consultant

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Geoff Balmer, Richard Lloyd Recruitment, Australia

“HR isn’t just about the department; it is the end-to-end process. Dr. Cauvier’s book is a comprehensive “one- stop” bible that is a worthy addition to your bookshelf. Complete with case studies, examples and easy-to-use templates, it is an ideal resource for anyone who has a stake in recruiting, developing, engaging, and retaining the right talent.”

Ed Foreman, Former U.S. Congressman

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Brian Tracy, International Best Selling Author

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