Dr. Cauvier’s In-Demand Topics

Strategic Talent Management – How to Boost Your Profits in a Disruptive Economy

To many organizations view Talent Management/HR as a “Cost Center.” For over 30 years, Dr. Denis Cauvier has advocated that HR needs to be seen and held accountable as a “Profit Center.” Today’s hyper competitive and disruptive business environment requires an agile workforce to survive let alone succeed. To accomplish this business owners, senior leaders and talent managers need to change their focus from spending money on Talent Management and instead start making strategic investments. When people think in terms of investments, they expect certain returns from these investments. Talent Management is no different. Each investment needs to be analyzed to consider the business case rationale before proceeding, and then measured to determine the actual contribution made to the bottom line. Many case examples from Dr. Cauvier’s international consulting practice will showcase specific Talent Management solutions and the ROI generated and templates to facilitate the implementation of Dr. Cauvier’s concepts.

The F.A.C.T.S. of Engaging & Retaining Great People In Today’s Economy

For almost 30 years as a trainer, speaker and consultant Dr. Denis Cauvier has researched the best practices to attract, develop and retain the best people. He has distilled all of the insights and lessons learned into what he calls The FACTS of Engaging & Retaining Great People. The following is a visual overview of the five most important factors that people are seeking in their ideal employer.
Flexibility & autonomy of work arrangements.
Appreciation & recognition.
Challenging & Interesting work.
Trusting relationships.
Salary, benefits & bonuses.

How to Engage Your Team & Create Strategic Advantages During Tough Economic Times

A recent Towers Perrin Global workforce study of 90,000 respondents showed; 21% of employees are engaged, 32% neutral and 47% of employees are disengaged! Highly engaged employees outperform, learn quicker, stay longer than all other employees by a very large factor. Dr. Cauvier will answer the ‘all important question’ of “what are the low cost, proven ways to highly engage our people?”

Leading & Engaging Multi-generational Teams

Today is the first time in history that that we have four distinct generations in the workforce at the same time. With this reality comes both opportunities and challenges in that each of these demographics has different attitudes and values with respect to work and life. In fact, many people feel that it is as if the other generations speak a different language. Business owners, managers and supervisors need to not only understand the key generational differences but only how to speak to & be understood by all workplace generations in order to attract, motivate and retain GREAT employees.

Delivering True Customer Centric Service

Customer-centricity calls for a comprehensive cultural shift within an organization, and that it is hard to achieve for precisely this reason. Since a change of this nature can take years to set in, it needs the stewardship of senior management to ensure that it does not lose direction or momentum midway. This session will focus on the specific do’s and don’ts of moving an organization towards delivering true customer centric service.

Low Cost/High Impact Recruiting & Selection Techniques

Having a large number of high quality applicants within a low budget is the hallmark of a highly effective recruiting campaign. Focus points range from; what are the best recruitment messages, which recruiting channels yield the best results to “outside the box” recruiting campaigns. Having many candidates apply for your job opening is not enough. Employers must be able to quickly and accurately assess each candidate’s core competencies, character, attitudes and overall fit with your organization in order to fully yield the best results. Dr. Cauvier has personally conducted over 2,700 selection interviews and has coached tens of thousands of people on his proven methods.

The Art & Science of Managing Change Within Organizations

Is not an overstatement to say that the rate of change within the business environment can occur at a dizzying rate. Agile organizations realize that the real challenge is often less about the change and more about the introduction and management of the change. Change management is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state, to obtain a strategic advantage while fulfilling or implementing a vision and strategy. Dr. Cauvier will share his step-by-step process aimed at empowering employees to accept and embrace changes in their current environment.