All of Denis’s speeches are customized. He works with you to understand your audience, your theme and your goals for the presentation. The following in demand titles and can be mixed and matched to create the perfect program for your audience.

Denis’s Commitment to his clients:

I understand that as a speaker for your event, you’re putting me in front of your most important people. It’s an honour and a responsibility I take very seriously.

I promise to:

  • Invest all the required time to fully understand your organization; it’s challenges and opportunities as they relate to the presentation topic.
  • To custom design and deliver a highly engaging, practical, solutions based presentation fully aligned with your event theme.
  • To be responsive and accessible to the attendees and be low maintenance for the organizers.”


Although Denis loves providing practical, highly engaging keynote presentations that receive rave reveiews from audiences, he also enjoys customizing “in-house” training sessions delivered to smaller groups over a longer period of time. This process enables both the client and Denis to measure specific results generated by the training program.

Today’s hyper-competitive and disruptive business environment requires an agile and highly engaged workforce to survive let alone succeed. As President/CEO of three companies, Dr. Cauvier understands the realities, challenges & opportunities faced by business owners and senior executives. Having researched the best business ideas, practises and case studies from around the world he takes this global perspective and creates localized training programs that provide competitive strategic advantages. Denis creates practical methods of attracting; pre-screening, selecting, leading, developing, engaging and retaining exceptional people and was

Dr. Cauvier provides proven low cost/high impact methods to decrease costly employee turnover, increase levels of productivity, enhance performance, increase sales and customer satisfaction, increase market share, and boost profits. Denis’s strategies have added over $300 million in new value/revenue, and have boosted his clients’ profits by tens of millions of dollars.

Client’s feel immediately at ease with Denis’s style of showing his attendees how to get results; quickly and easily, in a subtle yet powerfully effective learning process. Denis assists his participants to “take” the most out of his workshops to compliment and reinforce his presentation. Denis’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious and his audience learns from full participation.

Coaching & Consulting:

Given Denis’s busy international speaking and training calender plus is ongoing research and book writing he has limited his coaching & consulting to a maximum of 6 clients per year. He truly enjoys the intentise one-on-one highly client focuses sessions with senior executives and entrepreuneurs. He is proud of transformative breakthroughs that his clients enjoy in their businesses and personal lives.

His motto is, Providing Global Perspective, Local Solutions!


As a child Denis loved to write stories and peoms, his ideas were complex and multi-facited, however he struggled with the spelling and grammer and his English marks reflected this. In his teens Denis realized the impact that books had on his personal and professional development. This insight was fully entrenched well before his undergade degree and re-enforced in his masters doctoral programs. For many years he worked hard to improve his spelling and grammer so his ideas and thoughts could be effectively communicated. He realized in 1989 that he could impact many more people (many of which he would never meet) by sharing what he had learned from conducting over 2,700 selection interviews into his first book “How to Hire the Right Person the First Time”. The reaction by the business community was extremely positive and readers reached out to Denis asking what was next. In 1991 Denis’s second book “How to Keep Your People Productivity & Happy” hit the book shelves. To date Denis has authored 15 books, and have totaled more than 1.6 million books sold.

His motto is, Providing Global Perspective, Local Solutions!