“As an internationally awarded event organization, having worked with over 200 top international speakers, such as Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and Alan Pease I would immediately, with no hesitation rate Dr. Denis Cuvier within the top five, he is world-class! During the past four visits he has delivered six keynote presentations and three highly interactive four day modules. His presentations are always very engaging, thought-provoking, inspiring, and loaded with what every audience expects: world-class content.”

Hamayesh Forazan

““Dr. Cauvier delivered a full day workshop on the Art & Science of Managing Change to the Hilton Malta management team. This was a very hands-on interactive workshop, that was very received by all participants. Denis’s delivery was very practical, and he gave us numerous ready-to-use tools that we could easily implement in the business, and pass on to our teams to ensure a better implementation/transition during our future change processes. I would recommend Dr. Cuvier as an expert in the area of change management.”

Hilton – Malta

“We had an afternoon session with HR Professionals of our Members’ Companies, followed by a session with our Members. Firstly, our Professionals appreciated your inspiring presentation style with many practical examples this format is something we will definitely repeat. Our members liked most the interactive Q&A session where you showed your in-depth knowledge of every aspect of Talent Management. Very impressive and everyone left with some new approach and especially awareness about this important department in their business. Thank you again for coming to Istanbul and providing an only in YPO experience!”

YPO Istanbul

“We want to reiterate the wonderful reviews & we appreciate immensely the take-home value all of our participants found in your engaging presentation. YPO & WPO members found your words inspiring into taking HR even more strategically and the executives appreciated your practical examples. Members enjoyed how interactive you were throughout the event and how you responded in the Q&A session with your in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Again, thank you for making this another only in YPO event!”

YPO El Salvador

“We were looking for a fairly edgy topic for an invited group of senior HR executives from a wide spectrum of industry sectors. Dr. Cauvier spoke on How to maximise your ROI on HR investments (HR as a Profit Centre.) Denis’s message really struck a chord with this group. His presentation style engaged the whole group and provided a great mix of theory and practical examples. The global scenarios Denis was able to paint through years of experience were greatly appreciated.”

MSGM – Macquarie Graduate School of Management – Austraila

“Unanimous appreciation for the topics discussed was voiced from all participants, and the positive impact on all present was very obvious. Having been to many seminars of this nature of the last 20 years, being in Switzerland at hotel school, or at Cornell University during my postgraduate, I was particularly impressed with your delivery, choice of topics and adaptability to the local requirements.”

Sandals Resorts International – Jamaica

“You are the best speaker that I have ever seen in my 30 year career dealing with countless trainers and consultants!”

Citi-Solutions, UK

“Denis, you are an excellent speaker! Your energy, enthusiasm, practical stories and experiences made the workshop most worthwhile…even specialists gained valuable new global insights.”

Asian Development Bank, Philippines

“Your three city speaking tour on How To Hire The Right Person was simply the best series of professional development HR workshops to hit India!”

Jobs BD.com, India

“Dr. Cauvier’s keynote and workshop offered a new perspective to the 500 participating CEOs and middle management executives of how to engage talented people in the today’s difficult economic circumstances in Estonia. He illustrated different measures to gain and maintain success and how to create innovative solutions in the new environment. We were so impressed with Dr. Cauvier that we had him be our featured speaker for the Leadership Summit. His keynote presentation on The Future of Leadership Development was the highlight of our event! Dr. Denis Cauvier is a highly inspirational and motivational speaker who delivers his speech in an enthusiastic and enthralling way, enriching his presentation with real success stories. That helps the audience to bridge from theory to practice in everyday life. “

Pärnu Management Conference – Estonia

“Your presentation at the CEO’s annual meeting to over 240 senior managers fulfilled our expectation very well, and your dynamic presentation was a valuable addition to the most important event for Baltic Banking management. I was impressed by your ability to listen carefully for the background information and context we gave you. You adjusted your thinking to our business philosophy and to the task in hand instantly and most professionally. Your natural skills for public speaking are among the best I have seen. You have the drive and energy necessary to see complex and specific corporate situations through, and you very well combine this intelligence with you messages when presenting.”

Swedbank – Sweden

“I was really impressed with the response we had from the 70 senior executives from 40 top Indian companies on Dr. Denis Cauvier’s seminar on “ACE People Development & Talent Management to Maximize ROI in an Agile Economy.” The various thought-provoking insights and loads of positive ideas put across by Dr Cauvier, moreover, the data points based on his research and case studies brought even more relevance to the entire session. His PROFIT Model that he shared was appreciated a lot by the attendees. Our sincere appreciation to Denis for customizing this program to address the current hot issues and challenges most of us face today!.”


“It was a pleasure inviting Dr. Denis Cauvier to address over 180 of our Managerial and above level professionals, who were seeking solutions to their daily stresses in work-life environment. It’s amazing how Denis shared so many practical insights and stories, which gave us all many valid answers. I can say that the audience benefitted extremely from this session. It was such a delight to learn and the way it was presented with a touch of humour. We thank you so much Dr Denis for your presence in our premises at Pune and hoping to host you in the future for more sessions.”