“Denis you are an excellent speaker! Your energy, enthusiasm, practical stories and experiences made the workshop most worthwhile… even specialists gained valuable global insights.”
Asian Development Bank

“…Personally, I wish to compliment you on your style, research and manner of presentation. You are an excellent speaker… thank you for a fantastic seminar.”
Greater Clearwater Board of Realtors Inc.

“Your three city speaking tour on How to Hire the Right Person was simply the best series of professional development HR workshops to hit India!”
Jobs DB.com

“Dr. Cauvier’s programme on Successful Recruitments Strategies was the best workshop I’ve attended in my entire career.”
Qatar Public Telecommunications Corp.

“The conference was extremely successful this year and it was in large part due to your level of professionalism, flexibility and adaptability, in a world that promotes teamwork, collaboration and leadership, you lead by example.”
Public Works and Government Services Canada

“Dr. Denis L. Cauvier’s presentation and workshop at the Pärnu Management Conference 2008 in Estonia offered a new perspective to the 500 participating CEOs and middle management executives of how to engage talented people in the today’s difficult economic circumstances in Estonia. He illustrated different measures to gain and maintain success and how to create innovative solutions in the new environment.”
Pärnu Management Conference

“Without a doubt managers every where can benefit from your wisdom and advice in the area of leadership.”
Courts, Antigua

“…I appreciate your noting that the working environment in Bermuda is quite different from North America, and that you quickly tuned in to our cultural differences by providing advice to fit our circumstances.”
Royal Gazette, Bermuda

“In one word (Excellent)”
Bahrain Telephone & Telecommunications, Bahrain

“Your program was well received by everyone present. You gave us numerous practical ideas that we will put in practice right away.”
The St-Pierre Park Hotel, Guernsey

“May I express my congratulations on the huge success of your recent speaking tour in Malta!”
Malta University Services Ltd., Malta

“The seminar was very professionally delivered and impacted positively on our staff…informed and entertaining speakers who can arouse the group dynamic.”
Furama Hotel, Hong Kong

“Thank you for propelling our sales team to the next level of success.”
Golden Sands, Malaysia

“I have organized many seminars and it is the first time, I have seen 100% of our management team give the highest rating of EXCELLENT.”
The Mandarin Bangkok, Thailand

“You are the best speaker that I have ever seen in my 30 year career dealing with countless trainers and consultants!”
Citi-Solutions, UK

“Unanimous appreciation for the topics discussed was voiced from all participants, and the positive impact on all present was very obvious. I was particularly impressed with your adaptability to the local requirements.”
Sandals Resorts International, St. Lucia

“Your life-Enrichment Series on board the MS Meridian were the hit of the seven day cruise!”
Celebrity Cruises, Mexico

“Fantastic program, excellent presenter!”
Las Palmas, Dominican Republic

“Your consulting services and training workshops are a big reason why we are able to deliver 5-Star Ultra Care.”
Sandals Resorts, Bahamas

“We had three major challenges to overcome in a very short time-frame; your low cost strategies were absolutely brilliant.”
Fuk Shing Industries, China

“Very powerful and timely messages given the challenges of operating in today’s global marketplace.”
Mid-Med Expo, Italy

“Dr Cauvier presented for well over an hour to 100 senior executives of our key clients that was eager to learn the tips on ‘Building and Keeping the Perfect Team’. Each of the following topics were incredibly insightful; such as ‘attracting, selecting and retaining great people’, through to ‘improving productivity and motivation’ and ‘managing cross generational teams’. Our attendees not only enjoyed Dr Cauvier’s style, but were able to take away a handout that could be used as is or amended to suit the needs of the Company. Not many speakers are so willing to share their intellectual property! We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dr Cauvier as a speaker and can’t wait to see him back in Australia.”
Richard Lloyd Recruitment, Australia

“I learned more about hiring and keeping staff in the last two days than my entire 4 year business degree!”
Nedcor Bank, South Africa

“Denis L. Cauvier is the best speaker I’ve come across in my extensive travels in Africa, Europe and America.”
Government of Lesotho, Lesotho

“The hiring information that you covered is of tremendous value…your book contains more practical information in one concise format than anything else I’ve seen.”
France Telecom, France

“If you want to improve your training skills look no further than Denis L. Cauvier…his Train The Trainer Programme is second to none.”
Bank Dhofar Al Amani Al Fransi, Oman

“Both the passengers and the crew thoroughly enjoyed your programs…Denis you are a world class speaker.”
Costa Cruises, Porto Rico

“Today we recognized and admire you as one of these great men that shines by his own light! Your flames of knowledge, wisdom, experience, sense of humour and powerful charisma draws your audiences towards you like the moth to the flickering fire!”
Escuela de Hoteleria de La Habana, Cuba

“Given the pressures placed on today’ s managers, one is constantly looking for practical, low cost solutions to every day business problems…Denis you are a master problem solver as well as a dynamic speaker!”
Venda National Development Corporation, Venda

“Denis goes beyond being a good trainer, he goes the extra distance to really connect with his audience… he greatly exceeded my expectations!”
Saudi consolidated Electric Co., Saudi Arabia

“Your seminar was interesting, informative, and professionally presented, I will benefit greatly in the future by using the recruitment strategies that you covered.”
United Arab Shipping Co., United Arab Emirates

“Wow, what a powerhouse of positive information Denis is…we have already committed several people to his next programme.”
Swaziland Electricity Boards, Swaziland

“Last week’s excellent presentation has already made a huge impact on our company…We look forward to seeing Canada’s Top Speaker again in the not too distant future.”
Aleong & Agostini Advertising, Trinidad & Tobago

“Thank you for presenting your stimulating Executive Development Seminar…Your customization of the program for our specific need is greatly appreciated…Clearly you have made a positive impact.”
The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Jamaica

“The strategic planning session that you guided our executive team though was instrumental in preparing us for the recent major increases in market share and bottom line profitability.”
Deutsche Bank, Germany

“The Swiss pride themselves for accuracy and effectiveness, when we want to improve our business practices we call on Dr. Denis Cauvier’s consulting services.”
Ancor Holdings, Switzerland

“We greatly appreciate the specific, targeted suggestions you made during your customer service audit, these strategies will provide us with strategic advantages over our competition!”
Beaches Resort & Spa, Turks & Caicos

“Your style of presentation is perfect for the kind of passengers we have on our ships – QE 2, Vistafjord & Sagafjord.”
Cunard Cruise Line, USVI

“Everyone who attended your two day programme on Finding & Keeping Great Staff agrees that you exceeded all of our expectations, which is quite an accomplishment because they were set very high!”
Bank of Botswana, Botswana

“Among the 165 participants, all were very impressed with your presentation on ‘Achieve It! A Personal Success Journey’. You were humorous, entertaining and generous in sharing your experience with us.”
Singapore Federation of Toastmasters Clubs, Singapore

“Your humorous and pragmatic, results-orientation stress management programme probably saved my sanity… I was very close to burning out. Thank you for providing a refreshing look at specific actions I can take to improve my work performance while reducing my level of stress.”
Bank of Namibia, Namibia

“During the course of three months preparation and several long phone discussions, I was impressed by your ability to listen carefully for the background information and context we gave you. You adjusted your thinking to our business philosophy and to the task in hand instantly and most professionally. Your natural skills for public speaking are among the best I have seen. You have the drive and energy necessary to see complex and specific corporate situations through, and you very well combine this intelligence with your Talent Management messages when presenting.”
Swedbank – Sweden

“We were so impressed with Dr. Cauvier that we had him return to Tallinn Estonia to be our featured speaker for the 2011 Leadership Summit. His keynote presentation on The Future of Leadership Development was the highlight of our event!”
Pärnu Management Conference – Estonia